One-to-One Writing
Skills Improvement Program*
*Add-on Product

We are passionate about inspiring children to WANT to write.

Sadly, writing is neglected in many local schools, even elite ones due to the amount of material in the syllabus. As a result, children lose motivation to write at a very young age. It is never too early or late to improve writing skills. Time and energy invested now will pay off later.

It all starts with writing - good writers excel in other areas of English.

To write well students need the ability to:

  • come up with appropriate content points
  • use grammar in context
  • use a wide range of vocabulary
  • structure writing logically
  • be creative

We expect to see progress and improvement through this program!

This is a non-profit personal program with the following aims:

  • Inspire and motivate students to WANT to write.
  • Improve writing skills across a wide range of text-types.
  • Help students with structure, content and accuracy.
  • Give students confidence to be creative and stand out.

One-to-One Writing Program Package

  • 5 writing tasks
  • Detailed marking & reference answer
  • Individual Coaching by WhatsApp
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    Available for Primary & Secondary Students