71st Hong Kong Speech Festival
Training and Preparation to Excel
*Materials and coaching service can only be purchased by members.

Speech Festival 2019: Important Updates

  • The Essential Materials Package (PDF poem guidelines plus video demo of poem recital) with optional add-on Individual Coaching are only available for purchase to members of the Elite Member Academy
  • Most poem materials are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase (see list of available poems below). Pre-orders for unavailable poems are no longer accepted.
  • Only materials for SOLO VERSE (Open and Non-Open) will be offered this year. Strictly NO Prose Speaking/Reading, Choral Speaking, and others. See list of pieces below.
  • Coaching begins in October for those who purchase the add-on individual coaching.
  • Please send all enquiries to info@elite-kids-hk.com.
  • Speech Festival period is from 18 Nov to 18 Dec 2019. Deadline of submission of entry forms: 18 Sep at 5pm (online) / 17 Sep at 5pm (in person). If you need help with registration, please contact your child’s school.
  • Find more information about the 71st HK Speech Festival at https://www.hksmsa.org.hk/en/speech-festival/hong-kong-schools-speech-festival-english-speech/

Essential Materials Package
(For SOLO VERSE only)

Clear Poem Guidelines (PDF) + Poem Demo Video (mp4)

PLUS exclusive access to a closed Facebook Group with tips and teaching videos to help improve performance!


  • Helps students to understand the poem better
  • Demonstrates how to do the suggested facial expressions and body language
  • Shows voice variation (tone/stress/emphasis) and technique (pausing/pace)
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    Teaches poetic devices (such as rhyming/rhythm/similes)
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    Plus other helpful tips for a winning performance!

What is the Essential Materials Package?

Sample Materials

OUT IN THE DESERT by Charles Causley

Optional Add-on: Individual Coaching 

Individual feedback for a maximum of three (3) recorded video recitals of the poem

*Coaching starts in October

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    One-to-one coaching tailor made to help the student improve performance and bring out individual talent and potential!
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    Student sends a maximum of 3 recorded video recitals of the poem then a  a Speech Festival coach trained by the Elite Kids Teacher Academy will send feedback by WhatsApp for each recorded video sent.

Optional Add-on: Poem Selection Service

Make use of this service to select the most suitable poem based on the student's ability.

How it works: We'll send the original texts of the poem options for the student's age/grade level then the student will send an audio recital of the poems. We'll send back our recommendation.


Open N1 - 3 / Non-Open Primary 1 - 3

Essential Materials Package Only

US$ 129 (~HK$ 1,008)

Essential Materials Package + Coaching Bundle

US$ 239 (~HK$ 1,868)

Open N4 - 6 / Non-Open Primary 4 - 6

Essential Materials Package Only

US$ 139 (~HK$ 1,088)

Essential Materials Package Coaching Bundle

US$ 259 (~HK$ 2,028)

Open N7 - 12 / Non-Open Secondary 1-6

Essential Materials Package Only

US$ 169 (~HK$ 1,318)

Essential Materials Package + Coaching Bundle

US$ 299 (~HK$ 2,338)

Poem Selection Service

US$ 39 (~HK$ 308)

*Please note that the conversion rate at the time of purchase will apply so the converted price in HK$ may vary by a few dollars from the one stated above.

List of Available Poems




For better results, practice other poems to build up general solo verse recital skills. Select any poem/s from below and study the guidelines/listen to the recordings.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken of, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson

A poet is before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with the language.

W. H. Auden

Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful. 

Rita Dove