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Speech Festival 2019 Training Materials and Coaching

One-to-One Writing Skills Improvement Program 


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Ms Wendy is a top-notch English teacher with exceptional skills and sincere passion for helping young learners to progress and excel in their path of English learning. Her custom-designed Drills for Skills practices and e-coaching are highly effective means to help students improve grammar, reading and writing skills at their own pace. Both of my children, a secondary schooler and a primary schooler, have benefited a lot from using her materials over the years.

Ms Wendy is also a very talented and devoted speech/poetry recital trainer. She puts a lot of time and effort into developing excellent training materials for the Speech Festival and coaching students effectively through video feedback and Whatsapp. These help students and their parents save time and cost too.

I am touched by her dedication to understanding the needs and strengths of each individual student so as to bring out the best in every one of them. She always stands by her students to inspire and support with her loving care.

Alice Chui

As a typical busy parent in Hong Kong, I found learning from Ms Wendy can gain lots benefits and good results, it can save time which is important, as my son can practice at home by following Ms Wendy's coaching materials effectively, no need to take him to attend lessons, he feels more free and happy to practice, and has really got improvement even by short time of practices. Moreover, it is much cost effective and valuable !!! We love Ms Wendy as she shows heartfelt love and spents her entired efforts to her students. We have made a right choice ! Heartfelt thanks to Ms Wendy.

Candy Yu

Miss Wendy is an awesome teacher. I am so touched by her kindness, encouragement and advice. My daughters are so lucky to be her students.

My elder daughter has joined Miss Wendy's speech festival whatsapp coaching and English writing program since 2015. My younger daughter has joined since last year. Miss Wendy's speech material is very useful. My daughters can memories the poem easily after listening her recordings. They also got good understanding the poem after reading the clear guidelines.

Miss Wendy's whatsapp coaching is also very effective and convenient. My daughters and I really like her whatsapp coaching. They enjoy learning at home, they feel comfortable and happy. As a mum, I don't need to take them to attend the lesson. I personally also learned a lot through the coaching. And I knew my daughters learning process.

In the coaching, Miss Wendy will explain the meaning of the poem clearly. She will also teach the pronunciation, intonation and facial expressions of the poem. She really knows what the adjudicator wants. If you follow her teachings, you will always get a very good result in the speech festival. I sincerely recommend to all parents and students.

Kylie Lu

Kylie Lu